Terrestrial Delight designs are handmade in Seattle by Mindy Ross, using traditional techniques of illustration, fabrication, wax carving, stone setting and engraving. Connected with fellow artisans, Mindy collaborates with master jewelers for micro pave, casting, laser welding and inside ring engraving. 

As a child Mindy was keen on untangling knots, following the lines through the bends and twists to find the core. The more difficult the task at hand, the more she was motivated to discover and to make things clear. Her mind bubbled with inventions, many involving wheels turning, boxes opening and wind swirling to reveal beautiful objects. Persistent work, clarity and encouragement have kept her moving through life to realize those beautiful objects. In precious metal and gemstones, Mindy takes on the technical challenges of form and function while incorporating a refined sentiment, structure and elegance. 

Terrestrial Delight is a way to share her appreciation for the earth's amazing natural resources and honor them through artistic expression and adornment.